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Detox Services


Detox Sauna Wrap - $85.00 per session

This procedure takes a holistic approach to weight loss. While using our detox sauna blanket you will be able to indulge in aroma therapy as well as sweat out all of your impurities, which include but not limited to fat, alcohol, chemicals, and other harmful materials that we accumulate in our bodies making it hard for us the lose weight. Click here to schedule now Note: Requires a $50 deposit to book

V-Steam (Vaginal Detox) - $45.00 per session                                                                                                 


Relax while the herbs work for you. V-steams have been used in Korea for hundreds of years and are known for balancing female hormonal levels. Some of the herbs in the steam baths are mugwort, which contains natural anti-fungal properties, and anti-viral wormwood. The antibiotic and anti-fungal agents are known to help maintain internal health as well as keep your skin looking young and healthy. This service has a long list of benefits for the inner female body including tightening the vagina. Click here to schedule now 

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